How People are Entertaining Themselves amid COVID-19

The pandemic redefined the meaning of staying indoors. With the threat of the virus making people worry over their health and safety, we can’t help but shelter in place. What used to be a fun way to spend the weekend after a busy week turned into everyone’s reality.

Sheltering in place is boring. Not being able to party with friends, or even enjoy brunch with your loved ones is not everyone’s idea of fun. But it is during these cases that people show off their creativity.

Nowadays, consumers make use of different forms of entertainment to keep themselves happy and sane. More often than not, they use technology to pass time, distract themselves from the news, and have fun. For some people, they found comfort using the following to keep themselves entertained.

Online Dating

Online dating activities surged ever since the pandemic started. Since going to restaurants and partying with strangers can be a health risk, people are taking precautions by doing this online. They now use online dating as a form of entertainment in the middle of the crisis.

All the sheltering in place and social distancing made almost everyone feel lonely and depressed. Many of us crave attention and affection while in isolation. But single people often have no one to talk to, cuddle with, and have fun with as they stay indoors.

One solution they found is online dating. Many people turned to social media to find, meet, and talk to potential dates. Some turned to dating apps and online dating sites.

There are also people who wanted to find something more serious despite their busy schedules. What they did is hire professional matchmaking services. They plan on meeting other singles looking for long-term relationships by allowing the pros to do the hard work for them.

Video Sharing

Many people from all walks of life now use video-sharing apps. They don’t limit themselves to major social media sites like Facebook and Youtube. Most people, especially teenagers, found comfort in TikTok.

The site allows users to watch, post their own videos, and engage with other users on the site. Video contents vary from dance challenges to educational videos. Perhaps one reason why TikTok made it big is that it allows one to browse short videos according to their preferences.

Video sharing apps allow users to express themselves in ways they are comfortable with. Some like to show their talents while others share useful content. Others use the platform to raise social issues and entice others to also do the same.

Some people post content that serves as an eye-opener to other viewers. They share important tips and information that others find valuable. But for most people, this serves as an outlet for their pandemic stress.

They use video sharing as a way of coping during the crisis. Each content may only be a few seconds to a few minutes long. But the effort that comes with thinking of each content, shooting, editing the videos help them take their mind off of their Covid-19 related stress.

man doing renovations

Home Improvements

Many people turned to home improvement during the crisis. Since they are now spending more time at home, they managed to find more flaws in their houses. Others simply want to take their mind off of the pandemic while improving their home in favor of their pandemic lifestyle.

For one, more homeowners are renovating their homes to make space for a home office, learning area, and home gyms. Since family members are now learning, working, and working out at home, they realized the need to improve the space to better suit their new lifestyle. They want to make their living space more compatible with the new activities that now take place inside the house.

Some homeowners went on working on their outdoor living space. They are tired of getting cooped up indoors that they want to utilize their outdoors. Numerous outdoor improvement projects emerged, such as landscaping and deck and patio installation.

Health and Wellness

Since we are dealing with the pandemic, more people improved started a healthier lifestyle. They focus on staying active, eating healthier foods, and getting enough sleep for their health’s sake. Instead of stressing over the chaos that’s happening around the world, they chose to boost their health and wellness.

Some turned to weight loss to shed their extra pounds and maintain a healthier weight. Others are focusing on their mental health with the help of better self-care. Others are now eating better by planting their own vegetables, staying away from junk foods, and serving homemade meals to their families.

Many people started exercising more. Others made sure they are sleeping enough hours. They are also socializing with their loved ones online to keep in touch with people they care about.

The pandemic did put our lives at a standstill. But it only made people more resilient to change. We found other ways to thrive even while in quarantine. We use different technologies to entertain ourselves, keep our jobs, and even nurture relationships while social distancing. This only goes to show that even while in isolation, there are many ways to entertain ourselves and ensure our health and wellness.

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