Is Will Byers Gay on Stranger Things?

Spoiler Alert: The article ahead includes some information about plot developments in Stranger Things Season 4. 

Will Byers has been a beloved character on Stranger Things through the years. Everyone who watched the series had seen him and the rest of Eleven’s friends grow up. Although this is true for all the young cast on the show, there is a development in Will Byers’ character that many didn’t see coming, and had people asking “Is Will Byers gay?”

Many didn’t focus on Will Byers’ sexuality even though his character has been through a lot over the years. We saw Will disappearing into the Upside Down, feeling left out, and then being possessed by the Mind Flayer. 

After surviving that nightmare, Will was always seen being left behind by his best friends since they have matured and began hanging out with girls instead of playing dungeons and dragons. 

Will showed how alone he felt and viewers have seen glimpses of him longing for his best friend, Mike Wheeler. 

Most people understood Will’s feelings for Mike as a boy watching his best friend choose a girl over hanging out with him – a part of growing up. However, there are some viewers who caught on early and saw Will as someone who was hiding his sexuality, afraid of letting his friends know he was gay.

Is Will Byers Gay on Stranger Things?

Yes, Will Byers is gay. This was confirmed by Noah Schnapp, the actor who plays Will on the show, in an interview with Variety

To avoid spoilers, he did say in a previous interview that Will’s sexuality was ‘open to interpretation.’ But he clarified, after the show aired, that the producers have been particular about it since the first season. 

is will byers in love with mike
Will tries to tell Mike how special and strong he is as Mike felt bad that he couldn’t do anything to protect Eleven. (Photo by Netflix)

What got fans talking about Will’s sexuality was the scene in episode 8 where Will, Mike, Jonathan and Argyle the pizza guy were on their way to rescue Elle. Mike was feeling useless and weak as he was comparing himself to his “superhero” girlfriend. Will was quick to defend Mike from his self-deprecation and pointed out all the amazing qualities his best friend had, stating that he was the heart of the group.

After he finished his talk, he then looks out the window and began to quietly cry, something his brother noticed.

Is Will in Love with Mike?

It’s pretty clear in the season that Will harbors romantic feelings towards Mike. This was validated by the actor in the interview. 

If you’ve been following Stranger Things, you would have noticed glimpses of it as well. Ever since Season 1, however, since they were children at that time and were dealing with too many new things at once, Will didn’t have the chance to explore it as deeply as he was able to in Season 4.

Why Does Will Cry When Talking to Mike in the Van?

Will was crying because he was realizing how much he loves Mike romantically. This also comes with the realization of not being able to clearly say those feelings to Mike for fear of his best friend not accepting him and his feelings for him. 

Although Will was able to tell Mike how special he thinks his friend is, Mike was not mature enough to see through the words and into what Will was really relaying, which was what Mike meant to him and how he values him more than a friend.

is will byers in love with mike
Will stares out the windows to hide the tears in his eyes after he just told Mike how he sees him. (Photo credit to Netflix)

One thing that has been constant is the fact that Will always felt like he didn’t belong and that he always liked Mike. If you noticed in the series, while his friends joined clubs, Will didn’t fit in anywhere. This sense of aloneness is why he’s more afraid of coming out to Mike, afraid that his best friend might not accept him.

Jonathan and Will

One of the most talked about scenes in the series was the scene between Jonathan and Will where Jonathan reassured Will that he will always be there for him. For some viewers, this raised the question of whether Will Byers was gay or not because in that scene, none of them verbalized it.

Jonathan has been portrayed as a protective older brother from the very beginning. He loves his little brother and is sensitive to his feelings. He doesn’t need words to understand Will and vice versa.

The scene between the two brothers merely portrayed that he knows about Will’s sexuality and he will always be there whenever he needs him.

will byers and jonathan byers stranger things 4
The scene shows Jonathan telling his little brother that he will always be there for him no matter what. (Photo by Netflix)

According to Noah, the scene in the pizza parlor wasn’t in the original script. After the producers saw how the scene between Will and Jonathan panned out, they felt like it was important for the viewers to see that Will wasn’t alone.

The idea was not to be as cliche as possible. Jonathan’s way of relaying his support for his brother, a bit cryptic and not at all straightforward, was just the right way to comfort someone like Will.

Overall, Will’s arc is a beautiful addition to the plot and the writers did an excellent job of naturally incorporating the scenes into the fast-paced events. Though Stranger Things doesn’t exactly fall under the romance category, there are scenes that will make you remember what it feels like to fall in love at a young age. It’s a good show to watch with friends or your loved one if you’re planning a quarantine date night.

Stranger Things Season 5: What to Expect

Season 4 definitely ended with a bang. About 22 people died, many people are still missing, the hospitals are flooded and Max is in a coma.

Towards the end, particles that are similar to the ones we see in The Upside Down are seen floating everywhere in Hawkins.

Will could feel Vecna and he tells Mike that their enemy is hurt but he’s still alive.

Season 5 will be the final season. Unlike in the previous seasons where the group didn’t know what they were up against, in the coming season, Eleven, along with the rest of the characters, are more prepared in facing Vecna. They already know what his plans are and they’re more experienced too, so they will do everything to defeat him.

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