Growth Barometer: How to Tell That You’ve Matured

Maturity is an underrated measure of success. Despite the glamor of influence and wealth, your mental and emotional growth is what drives your relationships, finances, career, and overall stability. It’s the capacity to make sound decisions that make the most profound impact in your life.

Spend a moment to self-reflect and consider these three things to see how the years have matured you.

You Don’t Take Health for Granted

The 21st century faced a bombardment of opinions about hard work and success. Many believe that it’s by sacrificing your relationships, time, and passions that you get ahead of everyone. It won’t be surprising if you’re one of those who lived out this mantra. The idea that you’ve pushed yourself to the limit gives an addictive sense of fulfillment.

The problem is that it’s not sustainable. The huge doses of caffeine you drank and the three hours a day you slept are bound to take a toll.

Maturity taught you to work smart instead and respect your body. You know when to drive up to Scottsdale for a vacation and when to seek chronic fatigue treatment. A sure sign of growth is when you give up bad habits and switch to a healthier lifestyle. It’s no longer about living to eat but eating to live.

You Live in Gratitude

The stress of working on getting more in life leaves people prone to ingratitude. It’s a part of today’s social conditioning that there’s always something more and something better. Nobody can blame you for thinking that way before. Now that you’ve faced the harsh reality of life, though, you see there’s so much more to it than what money can buy.

Maturity is evident in the way you relish your meals. You’ll notice it with every wave of satisfaction that comes with paying your bills on time. There’s no longer the toxic mindset of outdoing every one of your peers. You now appreciate the things you’ve worked hard for and the relationships that build you up.

It’s not every day that you feel this way, but you make gratitude a discipline. This veering away from constant complaining is what makes you mature.

You Don’t Bombard the World with Your Opinion

It’s so tempting to air your opinions. Scrolling through your social media feeds give you an endless supply of thoughts and criticism from people all over the world. It’s supposed to be a sign of intelligence, independence, and strength when you take part in online debates. You even presented the same arguments to your peers and didn’t stop until you proved you’re right.

Nowadays, you choose your battles. When you do defend your opinion, you’re careful not to start a feud. Spreading hate and misunderstandings are no longer worth the satisfaction of being right. You’ve even filtered your social media and minimized your use of it. Maturity instilled in you that words are powerful and that you must always use them with care.

A Reason to Celebrate

person using a laptop in the coffee shop

If you identify with those three traits, you have a reason to celebrate. This milestone in your life is a success that not everyone can boast of. It’s easier to earn money than it is to develop maturity, after all.

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