Does My Hair Reflect My Health?

Most people usually treat hair related issues like breakups, dryness, and shedding as a sign they need to change the products they use on their hair or change the hairdresser. Yet, the condition of your hair could be telling you more about the state of your mind and body.

In case you have bad hair here are some things that might be causing such a problem:

Poor Diet Or Digestion

Hair cells are among the cells in the body that are known to grow rapidly. However, for the hair to grow, you will require to have nutrients and energy to help you sustain the activities. Failing to give the hair the nutrients it needs will result in the hair suffering.

The essential nutrients required for your hair are protein, calcium, iron, and B12. Lack of these nutrients will lead to hair growth to a certain point and then breaking off. Another issue that might cause hair loss is the lack of acid in the stomach. Without h. pylori, then your body will not be able to digest the nutrients.

Hair-Pulling Disorder

The hair-pulling disorder is known as trichotillomania. This is a condition where people feel compelled to pull out their hair repeatedly. The hair they pull out can be from the scalp to the eyebrow. If you pull the hair on your scalp, then this will lead to you losing hair or having bad hair days. This is a condition that can be treated when one takes medications like antidepressants.


As you approach menopause, the estrogen levels in the body will start falling. When this happens, you will find that your hair will start wearing out, losing the shine, or falling out. In most cases, this happens two-three years before one reaches menopause.

The reason for hair falling out is that the follicles are producing thinner hair that is reduced in volume. In case of such issues, you can talk to your hair loss experts to guide you on the best way to handle the situation.

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Have A Health Check

Hair issues could be a result of health complications. A condition such as a type 2 diabetes can be used to impact hormone levels. Thus, this can lead to both the male and the females having a pattern of baldness. However, if you manage to control your blood sugar levels, this is a condition that can be reversed. The best way you can learn about this condition is by visiting a health care expert to help you out.

Hair Cuts

At times, it could be that your haircut was not done right. When it comes to cutting hair, this is not something that should be handled by just anyone. You ought to take the time to find someone proficient to handle your hair cutting needs. A professional will know the right products to use on your hair to ensure that you end up with healthy hair.

Next time you look in the mirror, and you notice something wrong with your hair, it could be that your hair is communicating that there is a health condition or it might be that you need to change the hair salon or barber. Take a keen look at your hair to understand why it is unhealthy.

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