Prominent Casual Fashion Trends in 2021

People from the 90s thought that people in 2021 would be wearing highly futuristic chrome-plated clothing. And they could not be more wrong: it’s as if the clock has turned back twenty years, with 90s comfort fashion mixed with 80s colors littering the streets. But is this really what the fashion sense of young adults and those under 35 in 2021 is like?

Let’s take a look at the prominent fashion trends this year.

Casual All Week Long

With how many of us now have to work from home now, there’s no longer a need to wear formal clothing unless appearing at a video meeting. And even in such a situation, we can simply slap on a blazer or a coat and we’d be good to go. Casual wear isn’t just a Friday thing anymore, it’s an all-week long affair.

But this doesn’t mean the absolute worst your wardrobe has to offer, no. You still want to look good, at least good enough to look great in a family photo. Of course, your trusted family photographer would agree that color matching is still very much relevant, but this is mixed with clean clothing that goes together well. An ironed-out sweater and short shorts give a fresh but casual look, and a pair of oversized pants with a comfortably fit top gives a young and relaxed feel. The key here is despite the clothing being casual, it’s clean and well-maintained.

Personable and Comfortable

With role models such as successful businessmen Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg who were most often seen donning casual or simple clothing, millennials are becoming more and more confident in everyday casual clothes. It’s not being posed as an excuse to be lazy, but more of a progressive way to promote comfort over stifling social rules.

In addition, the appeal of this minimalist approach to fashion actually allows individuals to treat it more as a “template”. Accessorizing is then pushed forward to give each person the ability to flaunt their own personality without the risk of looking gaudy.

And as mentioned in the point before, casual is the ‘in’ look now- something that fits quite right in the comfortable aspect of things. Making it personable, however, is the challenge. Having a sense of confidence in your clothing, something that can be achieved by being comfortable in your style is critical. In simple terms, don’t wear suits if you’re not comfortable in them. Wear what you’re comfortable with instead, and your personality and confidence will shine through.

Small Brands are Big

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Another millennial trait that bleeds over to fashion is the drive to support local and community brands. While of course, popular brands never really go out of style, the boom of the hipster culture paved the way for more independent fashion brands to be seen and patronized. Self-produced and locally-procured clothing can now achieve virality and fame in a relatively short amount of time, resulting in higher sales and brand awareness.

Interestingly enough, it isn’t like these smaller brands are nobodies in the business. More often than not, these are clothing lines developed and pushed by celebrities, both on TV and the Internet. Just like band merchandise, to wear these brands would mean flaunting one’s support for their favorite influencers.

Ethical and Eco-friendly

With social awareness increasing every year, more people are beginning to ask where their clothes are coming from. Is it made by adequately paid factory workers, or was it created through the hard work of underpaid laborers? These socially relevant questions might sound rather extreme, but for the forward-thinking fashion lover of the 21st century, it’s an important question to ask.

Through ethical fashion branding, however, fans can put their worries to rest. There is a movement, one that’s very much active, that’s dedicated to sourcing clothing that’s ethically made. And consumers are showing their appreciation with their money: people nowadays are more likely to buy clothing if they know it’s ethically made. It has become a badge of honor among clothing manufacturers, and they’re met with interest and business by the younger generations.

Wearing Geekery on a Sleeve

Huge franchises like Star Wars, Marvel, and Anime take advantage of merchandise to widen and spread their brand. When you are a fan of anything, you’d want to support and display them. A very effective way to do this is to buy various merchandise from these franchises. Stuff like T-shirts, stickers, keychains, and posters give these brands much revenue even after years of their releases.

Casual fashion might not seem like it changes much over the years, but in it lies the very culture of the generation. The current generation’s preference for casual fashion over formal or smart attire will most likely leave a mark in history. And that’s not exactly a bad thing.

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